Scored a T-5 WC our of a crashed 1995 GT Mustang today.

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Jan 7, 2015
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I was looking on Facebook Market Place for an enclosed 20 foot car trailer and saw a post that just came up. He lives about 50 miles from me. Was for a 1996 T-5 WC with flywheel, clutch, Hurst shifter and bell housing for $550 and he delivered it and unloaded it. I can't pick up anything with my back out. He had been to the drag strip and did not take time to swap out his slicks on the way home he hit a wet spot and it spun and totaled his car. He had the engine for sale also.
I doubt I can use the flywheel due to balance difference from 302 to the 351 C. Got this for the 73 Grande that i want to do track days car if I get the back fixed. They say good for 330 lbs. torque. If it breaks it breaks.
Now to you guys that have done this some questions. Is this the correct bell housing to bolt to the cleveland? will check with the plate off one tomorrow. What all can I use in the other parts? What is the starter I need to look for?
I will for sure check out the plastic parts in the shifter and check bearing end play but I think this was a pretty good deal to get it all.
Now to find a traction loc center section probably just buy new. I have a N case out of my old Ford van but single wheel pull.
Still have not found a 8.5' X 20' enclosed trailer 6-8 week build time and no guarantee they will get then. The axles are US made so not a foreign supply chain thing.
I need one more fast ride or two before hanging it up. Here are some pics.








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Hi David, that's basically the same set-up I'm running except I went with the 3.8 V6 bell housing. The main difference is a 10.5 vs 11" clutch, believe it or not the V6 has an 11" clutch. I used the stock replacement 73 clutch. I have had no issues with the combination. I found a starter for a 90s Ford van with a 351w and a manual trans... don't ask how I found that! LOL!!  I also used a C6 trans crossmember that I sectioned 1/2" from to drop the tailshaft slightly with the original 73 mount. 

If I can help in any way let me know. 

David, just to comment, nice find there buddy! 

What I am looking at is what I always knew as a "Top Loader" in the UK. The reference being more to where and how the shifter attaches and works, none of those hinky external shift rods used by Ford. True, and as I did not own a Ford when I lived in the UK, I was unaware that Ford did use external shift rods on the Escorts and probably others. That was back in the 60's and early 70's.

I have three toploader 4 speeds and couple toploader 3 speed and a Borg Warner T-10. I have been known to break one or twenty transmissions, lol. There are so many version of transmissions difficult to find the right one.
Droptop73, If you can get the number for the starter would help lots. I did not know that about the 6 having larger clutch.

The 96 GT had a 4.6 2V, not a Windsor.  1995 was the last year of the Windsor motor in Mustangs.  Does the 4.6 have the same bellhousing bolt pattern as a 289/302/351?  If so, I never would have expected that.  

The modular motors, 4.6L and 5.4L, do not have the same bolt pattern as small block Fords and Clevelands. They are similar but only 3 bolt holes are the same. The starters are also different, and are mounted with 3 bolts instead of two. I believe they use a 164 tooth flywheel,  but not 100% sure.

Edit: It does look like that is a small block bellhousing, with 2 mounting holes for the starter, so you may have double scored.

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I took to a motor today and the top bolts look right I did not pull the old Cleveland housing off. His car had a 302 because it was for sale also and he said a 1996 here is the tag on transmission and some other pics. Everything looks to be new. I was wrong was a 1995 says 5.0 on bell housing.







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If you don't know the mid 90's T-5s have a longer input shaft and a deeper bellhousing than the fox body stuff, about 3/4" I think. That places the shifter into the original shifter opening. I think i had to trim about 1/8" from the front of the hole to fit an aftermarket shifter. Will this go in the track car? 

I'll grab the starter info when I get out to the shop. 

Yes will go in the Grande for track days car. The rated torque is 330 but I do not have funds to go buy the really HD transmission. Have broke toploader with stock engine so they are for sure not bullet proof. Tracks are not nowhere near as sticky as a drag strip is today. Will see how back surgery goes might not do anything.

The T-5 doesn't like the shock loads and 3rd gear is the most problematic.  I have put a ton of miles on the one in my car with some autocross and occasional hard shifting and no issues. 

I looked at the starter last night and didn't find any numbers. I'll do some digging today, I remember where I got it and roughly what it was from.  

If it is a ‘95, then it certainly would have been a 302W.  Did the WC T5 start use in ‘95 or in ‘96?  I thought ‘96 for Mustang use.  Hope it all works out!