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My sketch contribution Trans Am edition
Back in 84/85, a guy I worked with had a Firebird/TransAm just like that. Almost the same color. It did have a 69 455 SD in it. We worked at a restaurant at the mall. The exit from the mall went uphill to the main road and had a stoplight at the T intersection. One night, while leaving work, he got the green light and proceeded to turn on to the main road. Unfortunately, someone in a pickup truck came barreling thru.
When it was over, his car was on the side of the road minus the front clip and the motor was down the hill and back in the parking lot.
He got $600.1/4 bluebook from his insurance company. Then he realized the toilet in the bathroom at work had the same name as his insurance company, American Standard. The irony was not lost on anyone.
Years ago, I was looking for a 351W to put in my 86 F150 project. I had mentioned it to my brother, Rick, while chatting one day. A week later he calls me and tells me I owe him $200 and I need to come get my motor. He had to get it out of his truck bed, as he was going to be leaving the truck at the Atlanta airport for a few days while traveling for work. He put down a few bags of mulch under the tree, tied the motor to the tree, and drove out from under it. When I saw it sitting under a tarp on top of the mulch, I asked Rick how are we going to get this into my truck.
"I've got a plan," he said, and so he did. enginegettinghoistedintothetree2.jpg

It was kind of sketchy, but it worked.
This was the sketchy-est thing I ever towed. The dually rear weighed as much as the SBC/SM465 combo up front. Made it a couple miles on the highway before I exited and told the new owner to come get it himself.

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Best vehicle hauling thing I've ever seen in person was a guy hauling a full size pickup on a flatbed trailer. He used those really heavy duty semi trailer type ratchet straps.
Over the hood and the bed of the truck. Everytime he hit a bump you could see the tension on the straps release as the truck on the trailer bounced on its springs.
In my younger days, I was towing my buddies 70 Chevelle on a trailer using a van & trailer I'd used many times before to bring my mustang to the drags. The main difference was that the chevelle didn't have an engine in it but it had a bunch of parts in the trunk. That thing would get into these fishtailing oscillations that got totally out of control...I don't know how there wasn't an accident that day....the problem was that the center of gravity of the car and trailer was behind the trailer's rear axle...and that's all it takes. A few years later, I actually took a class where we went through the calculations to show the instability that resulted as soon as the CG went behind the axle. To give an idea of how crazy it was, the chevelle's front bumper bolts were sheared from the outer corners of the bumper hitting the corners of the van. It was a very long and slow ride from that point on.
This was on one of the FB groups I read.

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Get it up as high as you can, that way it'll have more momentum when it hits you. Then it won't maim you and put you in a wheelchair the rest of your life, but will put you out of your misery.

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