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1972 Grande rebuild

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Nice job! you appear to be very focused and detail oriented on the build . Thats nice to see the car is getting a good work over! Keep up the good work! and welcome from Idaho.

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As you can see, body work is what I am doing now. Its very time consuming. But I enjoy working with metal. You can make a mistake and go back and fix it without buying a new part (unlike newer cars

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Welcome aboard from west Michigan. It looks like you have a great project on your hands!

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I need some help here.  I have been busy removing the front aprons from the Stang.  Seems they were not aligned properly.  I was using a bubble level and measuring tape.  I saw a youtube video where a guy used a self leveling laser to check body alignment, etc.  So I got one and checked the body alignment.  Well.  It was off so I spent three weeks cutting out my welds (between the heat and working).  At least I did find out my spot and seam welds are pretty good.  So here is where I am at (see photo below).  The aprons are laying in the floor frame rail and the aprons are equal distant to the rear suspension points.  Rear suspension points are level.  In the below picture, the green line with "OK" are mounts for the upper control arm, forward bolt.  I made a mount to keep this portion at the proper height per the Ford manual.  They are not bolted tight so I can move left/right and twist, if needed.  I cannot move the apron up or down.  In the below portion of the picture, "A" and "B" are not level.  You can see the green laser level line at the lower control arm mounts.  Here is where I need some help.  Any idea how I can get the two lower mount locations level - keeping the both front frame rails level and the upper control arm mounts level?  I have tried twisting the right side to bring the lower control arm up to get close to level with the left side.  I can get close - within 1/4".  Is this close enough?  The Ford manual says the tolerance is .06 (approx 1/16").  Any thoughts/ideas?  Thanks for your help. 


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Without being there and seeing in person tough to call. If you were on frame machine you could chain down and pull anything you needed. 
I always tell everyone before you ever touch your project no matter the condition take to a frame shop and have the chassis set to zero before you cut anything. 

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