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29 minutes ago, OldbutNew said:

Horsin' Around, You spent WAAAY too much time on this rendering. I DO have a set of dark gray 17" rims that I plan on putting on this car. Those white-center wheels are a little too different for me! The black accents...??? Once I get this thing running, I'll post it up here, and you can take over and make this cat your own!! 

Quick and dirty, maybe 10 minutes at the most. Was almost ashamed to post it. 

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Yer policy is not real effective if you let me in! Well, I'm definitely an exception!  Seems to be lots of folks in the Michigan / Ohio region. I'm between Toledo and Detroit. I see guys fro

Welcome aboard from League City Texas!  I like the coogs in our time frame.  Post some pics as I am eager to see whatcha got!

Welcome from Omaha!

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23 hours ago, OldbutNew said:

You know the area pretty well. I'm just North of Monroe. I have people in Tenn. Clarksville area. 

I knew a guy back in '75 who had a 'Stang just like yours. Not many of them around even then. 

Grew up downriver know the area very well. North of Monroe roughly puts you in Newport or Gibraltar. I have a friend that lives by the metro park. In the past I have done downriver cruise in June, next time I’ll keep a eye out for your Cougar, not many of those around. Last time I cruised downriver I saw a Sprint sportsroof, rare sight.

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