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Scott Drake Door Panels

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I have not tried them,  I am still running original panels.

I wonder why they are using treated pressboard.  Why did they not go with plastic core panels to avoid clips tearing out?  Or is that an error on the web site?


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Just relaying some info reference another possible option



Just remember John Wick didn’t kill all those people for a random car. It was a Mustang

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Thanks for that justdashes.com site.  I might also get a quote from them.  The original door panels on my '71 J-code look very nice and fit in well with the rest of the interior as far as condition.  My driver's side door pull is loose, which is common and I can deal with that.  A previous owner cut out the carpet at the front of each door panel for speakers, and the speakers were removed at some point so it is kind of ragged looking there.  I don't believe a set of stock speaker covers would hide those areas, and I'm not sure how those mount with no actual speaker in the opening.  It is also a AM radio car with only the stock dash speaker, so speaker covers on the door panels wouldn't be correct.  I have the replacement carpet for the bottom of each door panel, but the cardboard would still be cut out where the speakers were located.  It's a shame because as is typical, the passenger side door panel is mint except for that ragged speaker opening.  Driver's side is also pretty good looking, without very much wear, certainly not enough to warrant replacement.  I kept thinking of some in-place solution but the door panels will likely need to come off, and then I'll be dealing with uncooperative clips and so forth.  I thought of grafting in pieces of carpet that match the door panel carpet, but I doubt that could be done without being obvious (might be better than the holes now).  The car is so much fun to drive that I don't even think of those speaker openings while I'm on the road.  That's also why I haven't mounted the rear view mirror yet.  lol  Plus I have read of people having so much trouble with that adhesive.  I reinstalled a dozen rear view mirrors in the early 80's and they never fell off back then for some reason.

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