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Complete OEM front disc brakes and parts, SOLD...


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Jul 5, 2010
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Grand Rapids, MI
My Car
73 Convertible
I have a complete front disc brake system I want to re-home. These are all serviceable parts including, 1 year old hoses and wheel bearings, rotors and pads with plenty of life left, good properly functioning calipers and spindles. I did remove the studs, I needed the longer studs I had installed for my new big brake set-up. The 1 year old master cylinder is also included. All the parts were cleaned and painted a year ago. I also have a complete rear drum brake set-up for a small bearing 9" as well. ALL these parts are very good functioning parts recently removed from my convertible that I drive EVERYWHERE.
Now here's the rub... I do not want to pack these up and ship them however I will drive a bit to met up with a buyer. SO, if you're in the west Michigan area, let's make a deal. I'm asking $250.00 for the whole package.
If you're a young bucks down family guy trying to build a car on a small budget (been there, done that, feel your pain) shoot me an IM, we can talk.


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What's the proportioning valve look like? I may be inclined to buy that off you if you'd ship it. I can't drive all the way up there to pick it up, though. :D
I am surprised nobody scored this find yet. In our case both of our 73 Mustang FDB systems are in great condition, otherwise I would be jumping all over this... Our 73 Mach 1 was originally a 4 wheel drum brake system. The prior owner replaced the front drum system with a complete power front disc system from a Big Nose Mustang in a wrecking yard. The work was done properly, and I am happy for that. Had it not yet been converted to FDB I would have been willing to drive from Rochester, NY, to Michigan to pick the parts up being offered in this thread. I do not know anyone else who might be able to use them. Drag. I hate seeing perfectly good parts go to waste...
Dare I say it, but you might try Facebook/Craigslist/local Mustang club. There are a fair amount of people with 68 and up Mustangs/Falcons/Torinos/Cougars/Montegos that would love a disc brake swap, spindles and all.
would be sold if you shipped
Wow. I might be on it as well if shipping was an option.
I haven't seen any notices on replies, sorry! Shipping becomes cumbersome with such heavy parts. I'd love to make a bucks down someone a great deal on these parts, that's where I've spent most of my car "career".

I can build a crate if the buyer wants to arrange for shipping.

This price is for everything, front and rear except I had to steal the front lugs. I also have a new rear flex line I'll include.
I'm in, let's figure out the weight, I will also message you
Simply wad up a number of 10 dollar bills to fill the voids; the receiver of the box would be very happy to receive it in good condition!