Thankfully just one of one, a Mach Z !

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Definitely a "Custom job". Actually, just from the pics, I quite like some of the custom touches he's done, like the yellow piping on the seats, but that skull shift knob has to GO! Pity it's a 73 though, not my favorite year, but I know a lot like them.
Does that engine look low, I mean very low?
Ground clearance under the crossmember looks like 2" or less. It does look like everything's been dropped.

Overall, though, it looks like a 15-20yr old restomod build. All those custom parts have been flogged on a bunch by now. All the fasteners are rusted and the suspension bushings are shot.

And good luck to the next guy who works on anything. So much of the car is modified. There's no telling what to expect.
It's essentially a 1995 Camaro Z28 with a Mustang body. It's got the Z28 front K-member, engine, trans, torque arm and rear end. Except for the sheet metal, not much Mustang left there. It looks like an older build and the peoples choice award from 2003 would support it being a 20 yr old restomod. If it had a coyote engine in it, it would be more interesting, but someone might like it. Not sure with it being all GM under the surface, if it's worth what they're asking, though. I know that it's not to me.
It is an interesting build. The rear away bar looks like it would be nearly totally inflexible - which I would hopw equates to better handling. The center bezel has A/C vents, but I do not see any indication the car has an A/C compressor in the engine compartment. I get it is a powerful engine, designed for high end performance. But, personally I like A/C in my street machines. And it does not need to be factory A/C (except for out q969 SZhelby GT500 - every in it is oem stock). I will go through the photos again more carefully, to see if I may have overlooked an A/C system in the already fairly congest engine compartment.

Okay, I looked at all the photos again, looking for A/C components under the hood. I did see what appears to be some high pressure fittings on refrigerant hoses leading to the firewall, so I am pretty sure the vehicle has A/C. If so, and if it is working, it is a nice touch. I could not make out the heater/A/C control panel very well. But, it looks like it is an A/C control head.

With a SuperCharged 460 I suspect that launches like a rocket, and delivers some serious performance. Given how costly the SuperCharging would have been, and other custom touches, I bet the asking price is quite a bit lower than what was put into this car. It is not the car for me, despite its fairly unique attractiveness. It would be cool to see it in person somewhere, someday. Just because it is not my cup of tea does not mean it is not a really cool car. I hope the owner gets every penney he is asking for it.

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