Went back to Dr. for MRI review


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Hi David

So sorry to learn of your health situation. I too have issues from not taking care of myself when I was younger. I do have a suggestion for you. I have several friends who have issues with chronic pain and back pain and they started taking CBD oil. Don’t know if you can purchase it in your state but it might be worth a try. My friends swear by it. One has been able to stop taking pain pills altogether. Good luck David and be careful.


Hi David

Sorry to hear about your pain issues

Like many others have shared I too have been suffering with sciatic nerve pain which made it difficult to work on the Mustang. Thought it was just my hip giving out so put up with it for 12 months however eventually went to the doctor who diagnosed sciatic nerve damage

The good thing is I had bought a traction machine for my wife's sore back/sciatica pain a few years back and tried it on myself and after a couple of weeks was right as rain.

Seems like I get one issue fixed and another comes along to take its place so now dealing with Plantar Fascitis (heel pain) and although quite painful I can still work on the car.

I can highly recommend the traction machine which is actually a Perth company but they sell all over the world, USA website here - https://nubaxtraction.com/

Plus one on the CBD oil and would also recommend curcumin for inflammation

Hope you at least get it under control, good luck

Sorry to hear this David. You've worked hard and like so many here, have worn out some parts that are well out of warranty. This weekend I went camping with my daughter on the motorcycle and sadly I could barely crawl out of the tent in the morning. It takes a while for my legs and balance to get working in the morning regardless of the bed.

Made me wonder how many more years I'll be able to do these trips but for now.....

Someone mentioned in this thread that pain changes folks. It sure does and living with it gives me more of an appreciation of what made my grandfather cranky early on. He was suffering from a variety of chronic ailments and it changes you for sure.

Sorry to hear about your back. I am a bit younger but probably going in the same direction since once in a while i have siatica issues. It is the conundrum of life. Need excersice to keep the arteries and heart clean, and to keep weight under control. Then too much is bad in the long term due to issues you may not even think off with bones, column, etc.... Swimming is a good option but boring to me. I will stick with racquetball which has its cons as well.

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I prefer chasing young women followed by arm lifts of adult beverages for exercise. Try it...you'll like it!

I prefer chasing young women followed by arm lifts of adult beverages for exercise. Try it...you'll like it!
Lol..... as i am reading this in Tapatalk all the advertisements are related to young women. You guys probably see the same ads.
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I met with the PA, Physicians Assistant, today on the neck / back situation. They want to do surgery no PT or medicine will move the herniated disc off the nerves. They want to put a sub frame connector on my spine, lol. I meet with the surgeon on 15th. I think. I am going for it cannot do much of anything like I am. Got some guys that wants me to go to Montana with them to look for elk and deer and cook for them. I have no interest here in US to hunt after going to Africa 14 times. The PA was cool guy getting his 9 year old his first rifle. I told him of my 14 trips to Africa and that I had delayed my Mount Kilimanjaro climb due to neck issues. I am a travel agency LLC and it only cost $1,400 to climb Kilimanjaro the last time I checked. Nearly 20,000 feet from rain forest to permanent glacier in one 48 mile walk. Highest free standing mountain in the world. Make some life memories. When I die I want to be laying there thinking of what I did not what I wish I had done.

Anybody want to join me when I am over the knife?

Never give up never quit.


Thoughts and prayers are with you David. My partner had the subframe connectors added to his back a couple years ago and he did a full recovery (he had herniated disks as well), I hope the same for you as well. As far as joining you on the trip, I only wish I could, I almost lost both lungs in Afghanistan back in 2013, they caught an infection and started filling up with fluids. Didn't want to leave my personnel, I had the doc drain them then patch me up till it was time to come home 6 months later. I pay for it now with losing my wind a lot easier. Good luck and hang in there, we are all hoping for the best and quickest recovery.


David, I hope everything will turn out the best during and after your surgery! I had sciatic nerve pain and it turned out it was my fat wallet in my back pocket that kept pushing against that nerve. So I switched to the other pocket and had less cash in it LOL. It was so bad I couldn't push in the clutch on my 2002 Mustang GT so I had to drive one of my other cars that had an automatic. I had 5 cars at the time but thinned out a little. Sometimes when I tap on that nerve I still get a sensation in my leg, after all these years. Hang in there buddy!

Good luck with your surgery David. I had a rupture disc about 20 year ago. I could not feel my right leg from the knee down. The pain was brutal. I had a neurosurgeon go in there and he cleaned out the piece that was pressing on the nerve. I had 3  months of therapy after the operation. I try not to do much lifting any more but the pain is gone now.

John J

Ok had my consult with the spine surgeons yesterday. He pulled up the MRI and even I could see the collapsed disc and were it is pushing on nerve. I think between #5 & #6 vertebra. I go back on 12th. to talk with the actual surgeon. They say they will go in through the front clean up the rupture get rid of some trash in there and screw me a sub frame connector between the two vertebra.

Say I will have a sore throat and few weeks to be back going again. Will see I guess cannot take the pain all the time and I do not take any drugs. In fact they do not even prescribe opioids anymore for spine pain. They say Ibuprofen is better. The best place for opioids is after surgery it does not thin your blood like Ibuprofen or Aspirin would.

Going to try to get the 73 Mach 1 into the garage before the surgery to start the detailing of it.

Oh BTW I bought another convertible on Monday, lol. No not a Mustang this time. I was helping a friend get her extra home in order to put on the market. She told me she was trading her 4 runner and VW convertible in on a new 4 runner since both had high miles in the 70's, lol. I told her that about any car made can do 200,000 miles and most will do 300,000 if taken care of and not abused. She said she did not trust them. So I ask her to tell me what they offered on the VW and it was $1,800 for a 2004 VW beetle convertible with leather, CD, PW, Air, 16" alloy wheels, not a scratch or dent anywhere, spotless clean with 78,000 miles with 2.0 engine and 6 speed automatic. So I gave her $1,800 that was about NADA value for average but this is not average. Just sat in garage had not driven in two years.

My truck has 287,000 miles so will need work soon and gas is getting expensive here. So I will run around in the VW. It is the light Baby blue color with black top. She changed oil every 3,000 and was using synthetic oil. I told her she should go 10,000 and she said she was afraid to, lol.

So will see how if feels to have screws put in your back soon.

BTW he said working overhead like under a car on lift was what caused it to happen not lifting.

My wife just had an ACDF on C6-C7 done Tuesday morning. Her disc was herniated badly and pushing on the nerve for the right arm, just woke up like that one morning three weeks ago. She's pretty tough and that level of pain took the wind out of her sails. She's recovering nicely and the pain in her back, shoulder and arm is completely gone. Strength is very close to where it was and there is some lingering numbness in her index finger. Doc says that'll fade away as the nerve irritation has been relieved. She'll start PT to strengthen the neck muscles etc once she's out of the brace.

Hope your surgery goes well, it's amazing what they can do these days.

Which vertebrae are they going to put in with a support? I ask because I thought it was your lower back and my orthopedist said he only works from the back side there as there is a very fragile vein that is easy to break if you go in from the front. He always goes in from the front for the cervical vertebrae, which is where I had my surgery.

Good luck David, you'll be fine with the 'subframe' connectors. It may take a little time getting used to them and like Don said, the therapy is harder than the surgery. Just think of it as your partial restoration - with some improvements!

Midlife asked which ones involved. I think it was 5 & 6. The nerve going to arm passes through there. My right thumb went numb two days ago a sign it is getting worse also. Index finger next. I talked with someone that had same one and he said it was instant relief and worked great.

So not doing much tried to clean up some in garage and on the VW I bought.

Going to hunt cigars today, lol.


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