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Sep 30, 2010
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Mustang, OK.
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I need to change my insurance company for the old cars I have. I'd like input from the members on what company they have and any experiences dealing with them on a claim. Any cost and coverage information would also be helpful. Thanks in advance. Chuck

In the process of doing the same with Hagerty's.  their online quote and application process is easy, their rates are very good, liability and UM/UIM coverage, along with deductibles are something you choose and the prices are marked so you know what you are paying and or adding to the quote.

As to their claims handling, not a clue

I went with Hagerty.  My Allstate agent said they recommended it.

Price and coverage seemed good.


Although I'm in Canada, I too use Hagerty for my insurance on the Mustang. My daughter is also my broker, so she made sure I had the coverage I need. I pay about $24 Cad. a month. If you go with Hagerty, add the Cherished Salvage special option if available in your State. They will pay you the total amount of your insured value PLUS you get to keep your car. The pic below is of course from my broker company, but the info will be the same.

As for claims, never had one and hope I never do.

Hagerty Cherished Salvage.jpg

Thanks for the reply. I'm trying to use cost per one thousand dollars of coverage per year to compare costs. I've been with my current company so long I have no idea who is good or bad on cost and service. Thanks, Chuck

I have used Hagerty for years.  $225 per year for $20000 coverage. That includes the required state liability and under insured coverage.  Never had a claim.  If you let the policy lapse, they get real testy and want new pictures for the renewal process.

I just did the Hagerty on-line quote. Came out to $17.70 per thousand dollars of coverage per year. 71 fast, you have it at $11.25 per thousand per year. I wonder why the huge difference? It may have been the question about modified engine power. God how I hate shopping for insurance. Chuck

Thanks for the reply. I'm trying to use cost per one thousand dollars of coverage per year to compare costs. I've been with my current company so long I have no idea who is good or bad on cost and service. Thanks, Chuck
This is Can dollars of course, but mine is currently insured for 33K and costs $295 year.

I did the Grundy quote. $7.05 per thousand per year.  $7-$17 spread seems unrealistic. I'm losing trust in on-line insurance quotes. Now looking at American Modern Insurance, American Collectors Insurance, and believe it or not, National Corvette Museum Insurance. Chuck

I have American Modern Property and Casualty Insurance Company.  My 71 is modified with a 460 and C6.  They were $125 cheaper than Hagerty and allow more miles per year.  $250 for $25K.  Here is their number if you want to give them a call.   1-800-555-2510, Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., ET.

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We were having the same discussion earlier in the week on the SVO Mustang site. I had Hagerty on my vert but dropped it since not driving it. I think I had $20,000 on it and cost $227.50. They want to sell you up on value to get more money. I only paid $7,200 for the car. They put the value on it from pics I sent.
It varies state to state for cost per $1,000. They will stick on roll back or road assistance unless you tell them not to. I have AAA so I did not have it.
Another think on my Hagerty policy all the paperwork has their headers but the actual company that has the policy is Essentia Insurance. Hagerty does like the banks and sells your policy like a broker. You may or may not have Hagerty depends on where you live also. 
One of the members in the SVO group is an attorney and he says it is common for insurance companies to share with other companies. He said the do a lot on big life insurance policies.
One of the parts cars I bought was a crashed 72 vert. It was a one owner and they had $35,000 on it until a couple weeks before the crash and they had dropped to $16,500. So the insurance company gave them the car and the $16,500 and a clear non salvage title. 
If you ever do have a crash do not let them take the car to a garage or tow area. They will add on a storage fee of $75 - $100 a day. Have it taken to your home. The other reason if the insurance company totals it and they have it in storage they also get the title and make it a salvage title if you buy it back. If you keep the car in your possession and never give them the title it will stay clear and not salvage. The car in the video slide show attached came with a clear title not salvage. I did part out the car most is gone still a few great pieces. 
So no matter who you insure with you might still end up with another carrier.