Hello from the old world.


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Jun 6, 2023
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Germany, Hessen, Buettelborn, (near Frankfurt)
My Car
1973 Mach1, Dodge RAMVan3500, Chevi HHR
Hello from Germany. I am Larry.
My Mustang is a 1973 Mach1 in with 351Cleveland engine C4 automatic transmission. Outside greengold inside avocado green. The car is still in the restoration phase but should be ready by the end of this year. I myself am a trained vehicle painter for about 37 years and have my own workshop for about 12 years. I deal a lot with classic cars and am happy to meet here equally interested. Excuse my English, I run most of it through a translator program.


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some more pics...


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Hi Larry, welcome from Chicago! Very nice restoration you have going there! I like is when the car is taken down to the shell refinished and reassembled. Its a lot of work but it makes for a much better finished product.
Welcome Larry, and howdy from Texas! You've done some beautiful work on your Mach 1! You'll find a few other members from your neck of the woods (the Old World) on here. As mentioned above, looking forward to seeing your progress!
Welcome from Oklahoma. Where at in Germany? I have family there and I used to visit, before Covid struck. Chuck
Welcome from NE, PA Car looking good. I like the football helmet!
my old Team, Darmstadt Diamonds, a very long time ago, i played defense end, cornerback and all special teams there before i was trained as a halfback in another team (nauheim wildboys).
Viel Spass bei der Resto! Gruss aus der Schweiz!
Welcome from Ohio. Very nice work and it's going to be a great looking car when finished. A lot of good people here willing to share info and help out if you need it. Make sure you check out the menu bar at the top. The 7173 Wiki and the Tutorials have some good info in them.

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