Need grill suport bracket for mach 1 grill conversion..... I think.....?

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Sep 2, 2021
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Hello!! Well..... I got me a 73 Mach 1 grill to go on my coupe (daniel carpenter brand). I believe the only part I need to get this thing on is the support bracket in the center? Everything else (turn signal etc...) is plug and play right?

Anyone have an extra one in good shape that they want to sell? I'll check with the site vendors tomorrow if I have time. Thought I'd ask here first for the help and info.

I have a 72 that had a 73 front put on it. I'm not sure which grille support is there. I can take pics tomorrow.
I have been looking for one as well. Did the same thing on my 73 Q code Vert last summer. Did not see aftermarket one made. So that's two of us looking!!!
I forgot to get pics. I will get them tomorrow.
There’s a piece that goes between the hood latch support and the grill. They are impossible to find…there’s a guy here that made a template and made his own. I thought he was going to make more and sell them but I lost track of it…
Here are the pics of what I have...

Looks like the stamping is 3 7 D2
I may have the grille support bracket, as well.
I Found one.
Motorcity mustang came through again with this part for me. I Can't recommend this guy enough.
73CobraJet..... shoot him a dm. He may have more.

Thank you to everyone who helped me with this. I appreciate the pictures and info.

Kick ass.
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Ripper - If I understand the issue, I think I had the same problem. I had the center metal console for the hood latch but not anything that connected/reinforced the mach1 grill to the center metal consol. So I made one. :)


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Yep, that's sweet, Great work!
That's exactly what I was able to buy from motorcity. Apparently these things are hard to find
Oh crap, I have one that is bent and I tossed it in my salvage pile (never throw anything away). I was going to just find a nice used part thinking they are a dime a dozen. Thanks for the heads up, I will be retrieving that part and doing some serious repair/restoration on it. Put a clear tag and put that on the shelf with my other needed parts.
I had no idea that the Mach 1 grille was mounted differently.
yeah I need one…willing to pa a reasonable amount if someone can make me one.

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