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Another Howdee Doo from Tejas! Nice Ride! Post more pics! Engine! We need an engine pic "auto"graphed by the engine! Interior pics too!
Good combo! I have a 72 Convertible and an 84 SVO.
Welcome from SW Indiana! I have a Q code '72 convertible and a '72 Mach 1, along with a '67 S code fastback big block, my Bullitt tribute car.


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Nice car!..... Get used to hearing that phrase from everyone. You know, I did a frame-off restoration on a 1970 Olds 4-4-2 w-30, and same to a GTO Judge, but as bitchin' as those cars were, not everyone could relate to them. But, drive a nice vintage Mustang, people all know one when they see one and want to chat about it. You gone an' done it now boy! Welcome, from Boise Idaho.

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