Non Ram Air 429 71?

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Nov 20, 2022
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Where can I find more information or pics about C code non Ram air 429 71 Mach 1s? Most all of these by now have been updated with blacked out hood, hockey stripes and magnum 500s. How did they originally come? Did they have the stripes and hood treatment standard with the C code engine or was that only with the J code? Was it an an additional cost option for these stripes on a C code Mach 1?
The C-code 429CJ had the body color non-functional NASA hood as part of the package, and the standard tires were F70-14 white side walls. Everything else you mentioned was an extra cost option.
Was it possible and how much did it cost to order a hood and/or side stripe hockey stick decal on a C code 429 Mach 1?
As Hemikiller posted, the Mach1 included a body color non-functional ram air-style hood. The hood blackout is painted, not a decal, and it was only available with the ram air option or a J code 429. In '71, there was no stand-alone option for the black or silver hood accent paint.
In '71, the "Hockey Stick" body side tape stripes were a $26.00 option available only on the Mach1. The thin lower molding that separated the lower accent color from the upper body color was deleted and replaced by a thin tape stripe. The Hockey Stick stripes were also available over the dealer's parts counter for approximately $37-40, depending on the color.
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As secluff noted, the hood paint was exclusive to the Ram Air option for 71-72. In '73, Ford introduced the TuTone Hood option, which included the contrasting paint and the hood locks, but no RamAir parts.
Here is a picture of my C code SCJ Coupe (don't have any good pictures of my two C code Mach 1s at this time - but they had one color hoods also). This Coupe came with 15" Magnums, but only because was ordered that way as one of the options.


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