Scott drake Ram air hood ?????

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Feb 26, 2017
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Mustang Grande 1973 351Q C6
I have been wishing for a ram air hood for my Grande for a long time now and now i found one for sale here in Sweden.
It is a Skott drake (D1ZZ-16612) wonder if there is any one how have any thing to say abut these hoods, good or bad ???
Sens i live in Sweden there are not that many to choose from and to ship one from US is pretty expensive so that is not a option.
But i do not want to bay something that i get disappointed in either.
Really appreciate any thoughts that may be helpful in deciding to bay or not !!!!!

thanks in advance

Read through this post: There is some discussion about Scott Drake hoods.

My input would be to take a good look at the hood that is for sale there in Sweden and if it looks good, go for it! Any minor body work or adjustments can be handled by a competent body repair man.
Hallo every one !
I finally bought a nasa hood, i bought a new one from a company here in Sweden.
Now i cant decide on how to paint it.
The original plan was to have the hood red as the rest of the car and the scoops black, i thought black scoops would lock cool and match the black in the front, on the spolier and the roof.
But now i have had second thoughts, maybe it would lock better all red.
Please share your thoughts, what do you all think would lock best ?

Do you have the urethane bumper and painted trim, or the chrome bumper and chrome front of the hood trim?

If it’s the chrome (as in the last of your 4 pictures) then another option for you to consider is to get the nasa hood inserts chromed.
That’s what I did...i painted the hood all one color, and chromed the hood inserts for something a little different, than most of the other peeps in my area. It wasnt cheap a few years ago when I did it, but that’s what I wanted and am very happy with the look.

I asume that you are not going concourse, so it really depends on what you like the best, after all it’s your car ... and of course your $ budget.

good luck with your choice
Since the sun rarely hits the earth directly from above in the latitudes where you live, but mostly at shallow angles, you should think about the fact, that it won't be a very good idea to paint that long hood in high gloss. I would advise a matte color, but as the other have written, it's your car and you should have it painted the way you personally like it best.
Just my 2 ct.
I really love the look of the 1970 Shelby hood stripes. Especially if you have the chrome bumper, fender and hood trim as in your picture #4. The 1971 Mustang styling changes with the addition of the NASA/NACA hood, long(er) front fenders and the wide chrome strip on the edge of the fenders and hood were all new designs based off of the 1969-70 Shelbys.

I love the heat extractors in this hood as well, I wish someone would fab that design into our metal hood. :cool:


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You will also need the hood scoop fastener kit:
AMK Products Ram Air Hood Scoops Mounting Kit 1971-1973
AMK Products: F-143
The stock studs are very long. I put plastic vacuum caps on the ends.


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My opinion is all red or one of the two styles of factory blackout. My opinion comes from remembering the way the cars came from the factory. I think you will be happy if you do what you like best.
I really like the Blackout Treatment of the hood on our 1973 Mach 1. I have no photo of the original photo, and I used the template from Graphic Express to paint our current schema 2 1/2 years ago during its deep restoration. I also used the paint template (vs decal) for the "351 RAM AIR" call-out characters, again from Graphics Express. But, please be aware that the hood blackout template from Graphics Express, despite looking really good, may not be made to factory specs. I suggest you check with Dave Fowler (a member of this group) for the correct dimensions of the hood blackout schema, if you are after factory perfection. By the time we used their template it was too late for me to listen to Dave, as the deed had been done. Still, right or wrong I think the way our hood turned out looks great.

Here is a link showing how our Mach 1 turned out. I opted to add all of the Mach 1 related bling, to our Mach 1, to include the rear spoiler, rear window Louver Slats, and Dzus hood hold-down hardware. The front spoiler came with the car when we acquired it. We also used the side and rear Mach 1 stripes from Graphics Express

Walk-around video of our Mach 1:

The main paint color is PHH Sunset Orange, a translucent, fine particle metallic shot over a base white to get the candy effect

The black-out surfaces were shot win PHH Hot Rod Black Matte.

Some links to Graphics Express:

This is a stencil, not a decal:

If you want to have the main body color to appear through the black=out paint for the call-out characters select the "template" option as opposed to a decal color at:

If you want to install the Dzus hood hold down hardware, be sure to get a complete kit with the latch extensions, otherwise you might end up with hood locks being set back too far from the hood's leading edge, with a goofy lock like this seen in the attached photo. If you zoom in on the attached photo of the hood you will see the Dzus hood hold downs are set back far too much from the leading edged of the hood. That is because "someone" (certainly, not me, seriously,. I know better, even before seeing this photo). The under-hood locking mechanisms were bolted directly to the radiator support metal. like we would have done in the pre-1971 Mustangs. But, the hoods on the 71-73 Mustangs are longer then we see on pre-1971 Mustangs. The 1970 and earlier Mustangs have their radiator support metal is located in an ideal position for the hood hold-down to be placed. But, clearly, with the longer hoods for 71-73 we need to alter the mounting to make certain the hood hold0down equipment does not turn out looking goofy.

Here is where I got out Dzus parts from:


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