Upper and lower control arm replacement


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Well, aside from the original plan to get the steering box swapped for the new RedHead, it's really morphed into a myriad of side projects. There has been one setback that didn't go nearly as bad as it could have.

While cleaning the spindles and brake caliper mounting plates, noticed one of the pad retaining clips bolts had long since broken off and being the safety conscientious person I am, decided to start a search for a replacement. Really need to admit that I thought was going to be a long arduous effort to find the part. Lucky me, West Coast Cougar had one just waiting for me to buy it. One of the more decent prices too.
I'm actually going to see if a local machine shop can clean up the mess on the original.

I can't count how many times I've successfully removed broken bolts and screws. Unfortunately, this attempt was hampered by inferior drill bits. All I need to know is anyone else out there having issues finding bits that can actually stand up to the older steel parts. Even in a drill press, the dang bit went for a walk and then broke in the hole with the bolt. thought about potting a new thread insert in and that was a fiasco too. Removed the broken bit but the bold remains. Just hope it can be dealt with so I have a spare or can sell it to someone who might need it too.
Getting late so catch ya'll later.
Once or twice a year I replace any broken bits in my drill index with an order from McMaster-Carr.

Thanks! Just another question or two in a long line of many.

Tie rod ends? Staging the new items and am noticing the bends are not similar yet they're also interchangeable between sides? The drivers side has more contour to it as opposed to the new type. The Idler arm is also an issue since all I can find is Manual steering only products. Any sources for more correct? Purchased these at CJ's
Just a quick update to things, waiting to reassemble the steering and suspension until the oil pan replacement has been finished. If I don't correct the cracked pan now, I'll never get another chance and also, I get it, the car is old and needs diapers, so if I ever want to epoxy the garage floor, leaks are keeping it from happening. Slow and steady's gonna win this race for sure. It will be nice to get to reassembly and not disassembly. The worry about falling out and it sitting in a sad state is troubling yet just a reality associated with age. Then again, doing these things is intended to keep us young, right? I wish someone would tell that to my spine, arms, legs, neck, head, hands, fingers, feet and toes. Not much doesn't hurt at the end of a thrashing session. :ROFLMAO:

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