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Aug 27, 2021
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Williamsburg Virginia area
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1972 H code convert., 351C 2V, FMX, 9in., Ram air, Pwr Steering, Pwr Disc brakes, air-conditioning, 15" sport wheels, Ivy Glo w/white deluxe interior.
Recently purchased a slew of parts and mistakenly chose 3 that needed to be returned. The first was the drag link and thinking the original was damaged but turns out it wasn't. That one was simple since the order page had a "request return" option and a Return Authorization arrived seconds after submitting.

Unfortunately, the drag link was on back order and shipped separate from the original order. So, there was no request return option with the bulk of the order. On that order, I need to request a return for the Idler arm (mistakenly didn't see the "Manual Steering" note) and the Prothane Control shock tower bumpers were not what was expected.

The big issue is they will not respond when following their alternate method of return by using the contact form. Not being impatient because of the hectic week, I did reply, as instructed, with no luck still. The two items fall under their policy of "for any reason", they were not marked as being ineligible for return since they're not programmable or special order and the purchase was made 18 January 2024.

It's not like I've returned a bunch of items, one thing in 3 years so the fact they're not responding is a bit disconcerting. Anyone else have issues and had a way to solve things after things went south?
I agree with Hemi, look up their customer service number and grab a beer because you will be on hold for a while if not calling right around 8-9AM when I believe they open. I have also heard good things about their chat option but personally prefer to speak to a live person. Any of my returns have worked out well and for a few of them, if the cost of the item was less than return shipping, I was just told to keep the item and the refund was issued. Good luck.

Tried the Chatbot, unsuccessfully, over the weekend. Did plan on calling and will probably do that this morning. We'll see what happens. Unfortunately and while I do subscribe to the "it's 5o'clock somewhere" thought process, just a bit too early to apply it.
This, unfortunately, is standard for CJ's customer service. I avoid buying from them since there are other sources.
Actually do use the others but when we find prices on things compatible between the two, we end up with CJ because they use for our military discount. It does help and we haven't found that with pretty much everyone out there doesn't use/have this or any discount other than special sales. Actually, NAPA and Advance have one but in-store only. Sometimes Advance price is cheaper online but both those vendors have only a sampling of parts and most are suspension, steering or drivetrain.
Well, that was way too easy! While posting the first reply, called and found a very short wait, about 3-4 minutes at longest (that includes navigating the prompts) and reached a real live person who is sending the RAN via email. Not gonna slam them further since the goal was achieved.
I had them mail me damaged parts and had to wait on hold 90 minutes to get through to a person.
I reckon you happened to call before their 2 phone jockeys got backed up for the day.
Customer service these days is a joke. Very few companies especially, mega corporations, could give a s*#t about it. That is until their business takes a dump in profit from a bad economy or their own arrogance. THEN they just can't help you enough. That is until the bank accounts get well. Wash, rinse, repeat.

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